"I felt I had good taste, but Lynne Charest taught me that
'good taste' can get in the way of imagination and possibilities.
She introduced fresh and surprising ideas and, without having to
purchase any new furniture, transformed my hall, kitchen and
living room in ways that I never could have conceived.
At the end of my working day, I love going home. I didn't always
feel that way, but Lynne Charest transformed my home so that I
walk in the door and still, after many months, pause and soak up
the transformation. She looked at my Victorian furniture and said,
"We can work with all your furniture." Comforting words, indeed.
And then the magic began.
She used my furnishings but presented them in a contemporary
way, stripping away all the excess and opening up spaces that
made the sitting room look both inviting and enormous. When the
work was done, not one piece of furniture remained in its
original place! She saw possibilities where I thought none existed.
I can't wait to have her take on my bedrooms!"

Bettie Bradley
Editor-in-chief, Today's Bride magazine

View the before and after photos of Bettie's kitchen

"Too many designers spend your money, upgrade everything in
your home and the result is based on their vision, not yours.
However Lynne Charest became my partner. She listened to
my vision (that, in itself, was a novelty) and then introduced
possibilities that took the experience beyond my own ideas.
She presented imaginative, practical, and innovative options.
Who could have guessed that decorating could be fun instead
of stressful?
We compared thoughts and then she produced a sketch that
entirely changed the furniture arrangement in my living room
and dining room. She showed colour swatches for changing the
wall colour - and even found items stored in my basement that
could be incorporated into the overall scheme. That same week,
we went shopping together for unusual but inexpensive
My investment in using The Tasteful Girlfriend was four hours!
I highly recommend The Tasteful Girlfriend (although I hope she's
not too busy to come back and work with me on our second floor!).
Frankly, the Tasteful Girlfriend should be in every woman's rolodex."

Jane Bradley
V.P., Publisher, Parents Canada

"Last summer I had the pleasure of working with Lynne in giving
my home a more modern look. She is a delight to work with -
very talented, positive and honest! What particularly impressed
me was that she worked with what I already had in my home.
She took the furniture, the accessories and the paintings that
were currently in the room and throughout the house and
re-positioned them in such a way that a whole new look was
achieved! She then suggested a few more modern pieces
(which she brought to the house) to bring it all together.
Throughout the whole process, Lynne is right there beside you,
moving furniture around, hanging pictures, arranging groupings -
you make decisions together and decide if it's the look you are
hoping to achieve! It was a great experience - I highly
recommend Lynne as a designer and I look forward to working
with her again!"

Irene Keegan, Burlington, Ont.